Fun Never Tasted So Sweet!

A posh, chic and fun-filled party is every girl’s dream. And Lollipop Dreams is the perfect place to make that dream come true.

At Lollipop Dreams, we know that girls just wanna have fun and we’ve created the perfect environment for them to do just that. We pride ourselves on spinning fantasy into reality and we do it all in a way that your special little girl will remember for a lifetime.

 Whether it’s a birthday party or just a special get-together with a group of friends, we make sure all our guests have fun while they’re here and leave feeling pampered and polished. 

As Atlanta's premier day spa for girls, Lollipop Dreams specializes in manicures, pedicures, flavored facials, makeup, runway fashion shows, and our wildly popular signature parties!

But Lollipop Dreams is not just about fun. Our services are designed to empower girls with a positive self-image and inspire them to believe in their dreams, boost their self-esteem and, most importantly, learn the true meaning of self-love in a fun, energetic environment.

Our staff of Lollipop Girls is highly trained to provide your little girl with the ultimate POSH EXPERIENCE.

Call or stop by today and let us help you plan a memorable day of pampering and fun for your little princess.

Making Big Dreams Come True for Little Girls

Tia Blake had a good reason for opening Lollipop Dreams: she wanted a place for her daughter and other little girls to have fun and feel special -- a place that was right in their backyard. “All the fun things that we offer at Lollipop Dreams are the kinds of things that my daughter and I love to do together,” she says. “I wanted other moms and their daughters to have the same experience.”

After a nine-year stint in the military, Tia took some time off to decide what her next step would be. In February 2013, she made her move in a big way with the opening of Lollipop Dreams.

Tia says Lollipop Dreams is not just a party venue, it’s a special place for little girls to discover their inner and outer beauty and have fun in a wholesome, safe, magical environment. “Lollipop Dreams is a place where girls can just enjoy being girls. It’s for little girls and for adults who are little girls at heart.”

Tia says more locations of Lollipop Dreams are on the horizon. She adds, “There is no better gift you can give your child than to put a smile on her face and when I see the happy faces at Lollipop Dreams, I know for sure that I made the right decision to start this business. It makes my daughter happy, it makes other little girls happy and, yes, it makes me happy too.”